Luxe X

The DLX Luxe X!

Available World Cup 2018. Celebrating A Decade Of Innovation.

Price will be $1,499.95. More details will be available in the coming weeks so check back regularly for updates! Paintball-Online is your DLX Luxe X news headquarters!

The DLX Luxe has been around for a few years now and has truly proven itself as a high end tournament marker. If one were to ask what is the best paintball gun on the market then you can be sure that the DLX Luxe, in any generation, will be in that conversation. The Luxe markers have been a great alternative to other elite electronic guns that dominated the late 2000's. The DLX Luxe X is expected to be no different! Professional paintball players have used the Luxe markers for some time now and are constantly giving DLX Technologies feedback based off of their experience. DLX has used this feedback to refine and improve their already proven design. We are very excited to see what the DLX Luxe X paintball marker has updated and or changed from the Luxe Ice.

It's hard to make improvements on the DLX Luxe Ice, considering its efficient, smooth shooting, lightweight, and comes standard with a Freak Barrel system, but from what we hear, the Luxe X will improve upon that.