Kingman Spyder E-Trigger Frame - MR5 and MRX

Turn that MR Series Spyder into a high performance marker! The Kingman Spyder MR5/ MRX E-Trigger Frame replaces your stock semi auto frame. Powered by the supplied 9.6v battery and charger, your marker will now have a lighter weight trigger pull and semi/ 3 round burst/ 6 round burst and full auto options!

Kingman Spyder MR5/ MRX E-Trigger Frame features:
  • - Mil-Sim Style Electronic Trigger Frame
  • - LEAP 3 Circuit Board with Color Access Mode Display
  • - (CAMD): SAFE, SEMI, 3 Burst, 6 Burst, Full Auto and Low Battery Indicator
  • - 9.6v Rechargeable Battery & AC Charger
  • - Compatible with MRX, MRX Elite and MR5
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