Sniper Guns

Over 20 of our most accurate paintball sniper rifles

If you're looking for a sniper paintball gun, you've come to the right place! With multiple options, You can pick from our huge selection of precision sniper paintball guns. We carry all the hottest brands such as Tippmann, US Army, BT, and Dye. Our sniper kits are designed to come with everything you need to play a sniper or a designated marksman in a scenario game, and we've built several packages to cover every kind of player. You'll find the details laid out in a chart of sniper gun features below.

Already have a marker, and just looking for some upgrades to give your marker that MilSim look? We've got foldable bipods for extra stability , sights and scopes to give you command of your battlefield, and we've got dozens of othergreat paintball accessories. Get the right set up to hit your target shot after shot. Become a sniper, and be feared across the paintball field!

Sniper Paintball Gun Comparison Chart

Available in popular configurations with a Project Salvo, A5 Centurion, Valken SW-1 & TM-15 as the base gun.

RiflemanNForegripFoldable14" Tactical
Designated RifleRed Dot SightForegripFoldable14" Tactical
SniperRed Dot SightNFoldable20" Tactical Sniper
Sniper EliteRed Dot SightBipodFoldable20" Tactical Sniper
Alpha Black MEGA SetCarry HandleNFoldableStock

Mag-Fed Sniper Guns

If you're looking for the range and accuracy of a sniper, then you need a mag-fed marker capable of firing First Strike paintballs.

E-MR5Carry HandleNCollapsibleStock
T1519/19 MagazineN13ci Tank/StockStock
T9.1 CQBSilencer, Open Dot SightForegripCollapsibleStock
T9.1 RangerRed Dot Sight, Flash SupressorForegripCollapsibleStock
T9.1 EliteLaser, Scope, FlashlightBipod, ForegripCollapsibleStock
T9.1 SniperLaser, Scope, FlashlightBipod, Foregrip13ci Tank/StockRifled Lapco