Gravity Fed Hoppers and Motorized Loaders and Upgrades from Tippmann

Finding strong dependable products is a hard task to do anymore. It's a guarantee though that if the name Tippmann is on it then dependability and reliability is all you will find. Tippmann's line of paintball hoppers are anywhere from being specifically designed for their paintball guns to hoppers that will work with every type of gun. TheCyclone feed system is Tippmann's super reliable force feeding system that can easily hold 200 rounds and feed them at 15bps into your Custom 98. The SSL-200 is designed to fit every gun with with a 200 round capacity featuring Bend Sensor Technology that delivers up to 15 BPS. The Bend Sensor only operates when the marker is fired to improve efficiency and prolong battery life of this electronic hopper.

You will never go wrong picking products from the most classic and highly popular name to ever exist in the sport of paintball.