Custom Products

Upgrade Your Paintball Gun with Barrels from Custom Products

Custom Products has been known as the number one aftermarket parts company for paintball markers for years. If it is a piece that can be swapped out of a paintball marker, you better believe they make a custom part in a variety of colors to replace it. Custom Products paintball barrels will increase the accuracy and efficiency of every shot. The insane color choices of their one-piece barrels will leave you in AWE. So many to choose from that you can truly customize the look of your paintball gun.

Their line of barrel kits ensure that perfect paint to barrel fit. This allows for your shots to remain more consistent, heighten your accuracy, and improve air efficiency. For a more customizable look, you can easily purchase a variation of colored front barrel and back barrel pieces. Who said you always have to match?

Remember to check that you are purchasing the correct paintball barrel thread for your marker.

About Custom Products

Custom Products was founded as a division of Mesa Custom Machining, operating out of Gilbert, Arizona in 1996. Their accessories are made with pride in the U.S.A., and are know for making quaklity, reliable parts and upgrades.

CP employs some of the top engineers in the paintball industry, who design innovative products, while also creating exciting new upgrades to put a new spin on existing gear.

To maintain their strict reliability standards, CP utilizes sophisticated computerized numerical control (CNC) to precisely machine parts out of a wide variety of materials.

CP upgrades come in various flavors, including stainless steel, brass, and even billet aluminum. Billet aluminum involves sculpting the part out of a solid block of aluminum. This method has several advantages over cast aluminum, including a higher degree of precision and stronger structural integrity. Because of their more intensive construction, billet aluminum parts, sometimes called a hog-out, can be more expensive, but the extra durability is usually seen as an acceptable trade-off.

Custom Products also puts their parts through a grueling quality accurance process at every step of manufacturing to maintain peak performance standards. Their veteran staff of professionals have an exceptional eye for detail in their work, because they know how much players depend on them for upgrades and accessories that will perform on the field. So you can buy with confidence, knowing that your CP parts will be there when you need them.