Paintball Clothing and Apparel Accessories from Dye

Dye has evolved over the past 20 years into an industry leading company in production and design of some of the most popular paintball gear ever released on the market. A company known for pushing boundaries in products and being aggressive in their diversity in products. Dye sponsors some of the top pro teams out on the field, such as Los Angeles Ironmen, Tampa Bay Damage, and Chattanooga CEP.

Dye paintball clothing accessories like the Visce beanie are masterly crafted for comfort. Stitched to perfection for that perfect snug fit that will help keep your ears and head warm during those blistering cold days. These magnificently designed beanies come in a color selection of black, grey, brown, and royal blue.

Picking any gear from a company running strong for 20 and counting years could never be a wrong decision. Don't make the wrong decision, buy Dye Precision!