Camo Paintball Masks & Goggles

Find the Perfect Camouflage Mask to Keep You From Being Found

Tired of being picked out of cover because of that glossy black mask? Want to be able to sneak all the way to the flag without your goggle getting you flagged? You need a camo paintball mask.

Camouflage works by breaking up the contour or silhouette of a human body with mottled or jagged patterns. The human brain tries to connect these shapes with the other shapes in the environment- leaves, branches, brush, etc.- to try to make sense of what it's seeing.

Camo turns your opponents perceptions against them. The closer a camo pattern is to your surroundings, the better you'll blend, including variations due to season.

Between the everyday value of the time-tested Annex MI series or a higher-end goggle that comes in camo variants like the SLY Profit or the DYE i4, we can help you blend into the background, regardless of your price range.

Complete your camo paintball clothing set, or maybe start it, with one of these great options. The other team will never see you coming.