LAPCO 1 Piece Barrel - Big Shot - 18 Inch

$76.95 - $83.95
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LAPCO Bigshot Paintball Barrel - 18 Inch

LAPCO's legendary Big Shot barrels have set the standards of what pantball barrels should be for over a decade. LAPCO means uncompromising fit and finish for your favorite paintball marker.

  • 100% Made In The USA.
  • LAPCO Tru-Bore (TM) Technology - LAPCO were never satisfied with the quality of gun drilled raw material on the market so they brought in the machines to do it themselves. By doing so they have the ultimate quality control for the internal finish, bore size, roundness and straightness of the barrel.
  • Microhoned and polished interior bore. LAPCO designs, manufactures and measures every barrel and accessory to within one thousandth of an inch (.001). That is 1/3 the width of a human hair!
  • Tight pattern porting - LAPCO positions the porting at muzzle for better gas efficiency.
  • Meticulous external finish - LAPCO wants your barrel to look as good as it shoots!
  • Easy Identification - Thread type name machined into barrel for easy identification. Bore diameter is laser engraved for easy selection in your kit bag.
  • Lightweight - LAPCO barrels quality material are light in weight without sacrificing structural integrity. LAPCO barrels weigh between 3 to 6 ounces... not much more than a deck of cards!
  • 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty - LAPCO will guarantee their materials and workmanship for life. If it breaks under normal use, they will replace it!