Pre-Order Terms

This item is currently for sale as a pre-order. All orders placed for this item will be processed for verification of funds.

Please view the top of the item page description to find out the expected arrival date. The arrival date is given to us by the manufacturer of the product and may change at any time. The Paintball Online Product page will be updated ASAP anytime there is an adjustment to the expected arrival date of a product.


How accurate are pre-order dates?

A: Paintball Online pre-order dates tend to be very accurate. We take the information that is given to us by the manufacturer and post is on our product pages. In some cases a pre-order arrival date may be pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances during the manufacturing or transportation process.

Why pre-order and not just wait for the product to arrive?

A: You can always wait for a product to arrive before you place your order but if you want to be one of the first with the newest and most demanded items then get your pre-order in. Most paintball equipment manufacturers have very limited and slow releases when bringing a new product to market. All of our pre-orders are filled before any stock is left over to be sold on the website.