HK Army Soft Ears - KLR

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Made of compressed, laminated EVA, the HK KLR Soft Ear is ventilated in areas that allow optimal on-field hearing while protecting your ears, neckline and the side of your face. The Soft Ear has color-matched TPR with metal screen backing to stop paintballs from passing through and smacking you in the face, or worse, injuring your inner or outer ear, while letting you coordinate your Soft Ears with the rest of your gear.

The tri-layer 3D Foam Soft Ears bond to the frame of the HK Army KLR mask. The base layer is composed of a high-density SBR memory foam designed to brace against the frame of the mask and absorb face impacts. The SBR foam is sandwiched against a compressed, laminated open-cell super high-density EVA foam that conforms to the profile of your face with suprising softness, while providing a low profile and superior protection. The springiness of the foam is also intended to promote bounce.