HK Army Mask Lens - Thermal - KLR/SLR

$44.95 - $49.95
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Customize your HK Army KLR/SLR and keep your eyes protected with KLR/SLR Pure Lenses!

HK Army KLR/SLR PURE Replacement lenses are designed HK Army's KLR/SLR paintball mask, and comes in a wide variety of different lens colors and finishes.

The KLR/SLR PURE lens is made from virgin optical-grade GE polycarbonate, which naturally provides protection and shielding from infrared & ultraviolet radiation, designed to protect your vision in even the most brutal playing conditions. A 3M Foam Sealant traps a barrier of insulating air to encourage evaporative cooling and eliminate condensation, keeping your vision clear and you dry.