Custom Products On/Off ASA - Mini Dovetail Mount

(You save $6.50 )
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Easy on and instant degas with a Custom Products Pro Mini On/ Off ASA!

The Custom Products Pro Mini On/ Off ASA is one of the smallest and lightest on/ off paintball marker ASAs on the market! This ASA uses what CP calls "System Bleed" and "Virtual Resistance" since it has virtually no resistance at all while turning it on or off. Simply twist then snug it down with the last 1/4 turn to make sure that it stays on during play. System Bleed will bleed all the air from your tank lines allowing you to easily remove your tank after degas, saving your tank o-ring in the process.

Custom Products Pro Mini On/ Off ASA features:
  • - Virtual Resistance easy turning, even when fully pressurized
  • - System Blled degasses instantly
  • - Precision machined aluminum construction
  • - Mounts to most 3/8" dovetail rails
  • - Made in the USA