Virtue Chem Labs Glint Lens Clean and Protectant

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See what you're shooting at with Virtue Glint Lens Cleaner and Protectant!

You can't shoot what you can't see. Play safer and more effectively with Virtue Glint Goggle Lens Cleaner and Protectant. This 250ml trigger spray bottle contains the most advanced lens cleaning and polishing solution in paintball today. Special additives apply a micro-protectant layer to your goggle lens, filling in hairline scratches for ultimate optical clarity and lens life. The polycarbonate-safe formula cuts through paintball goop for a fgast smudge-free clean. Glint's anti-static properties helps keep dust from building up on your lens during those hot summer months as well as fogging and condensation. Go with Virtue Glint Lens Cleqaner and Protectant for serious paintball vision!

  • - Improves scratch resistance to your lens
  • - Cleans through paint for crystal clear vision
  • - Angled spray head
  • - 60ml bottle
  • - Helps reduce fogging
  • - Anti-static reduces dust cling