Valken Mask Lens - Single - MI-5/MI-7/MI-9

$9.95 - $10.95
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

The SLY ANNEX MI Series Replacement Single Lens is compatible with Tippmann 420 and US Army goggles!

Paintball goggle lenses don't last forever. If you have a Sly Annex, Tippmann TP420 or US Army Ranger goggle system then a Sly Annex MI Series Single Replacement Lens is what you need to protect those eyeballs of yours! Your vision is worth it, right?

A Sly Annex MI Series Single Replacement Lens is available in several options. A Clear lens is the best all around choice for use in any conditions. A Yellow tint lens helps brighten up your view of the field on overcast days while a Smoke tint helps reduce glare and eye strain on bright ones. You should always change your lens at least once a year, whenever they get a deep scratch or if they take a direct hit at 20 feet or less.

  • - Single pane 100% optical grade polycarbonate
  • - Exceeds all ASTM safety requirements
  • - Antifog/ antiscratch coating
  • - Fits the Sly Annex, Tippmann TP420 and US Army Ranger goggles