Tippmann Gun Package Kit - Alpha Black Elite Tactical - Epic

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Go into paintball combat prepared with the Alpha Black Elite Paintball Gun!

Prepare to take on your paintball opponents! The Alpha Black Elite from Tippmann is the successor to the popular Alpha Black. The Alpha Black was originally designed to be a simple, no nonsense milsim paintball marker on its own but players immediately wanted to adapt and modify it with other upgrades. The Elite model was engineered to make it faster and easier for players to mod and accessorize their marker.

Built for US Army by Tippmann, the Alpha Black Elite uses the proven 98 Custom internals for reliable performance in the worst of conditions. The cast aluminum body is built to withstand all the abuse the rocks and trees of the woodsball field can dish out. Unlike the old Alpha Black, the Elite will accept the Alpha Black E-Grip, Tippmann 98 Response Trigger and Cyclone feed System. The design incorporates a 7/8" tactical rail on the receiver and comes with a removable carry handle with rear sight. The barrel shroud now has a bottom forward 7/8" rail for convenient mounting of bipods, flashlights, lasers, etc. The Alpha Black Elite gives you more options to mod your marker for the future!

Real Player Review of the Alpha Black

Every kid dreams of playing army… Being able to go out, geared up in their favorite army outfit, and shoot guns. One of the big draws of paintball is the ability to actually SHOOT your friends, and watch them actually laugh about it, as the paint wipes right off after the game! The stories you will have playing with your friends will last a lifetime! So get out there and play some paintball and make some memories!

The Tippmann Alpha Black is often the weapon of choice for new paintballers, and the reason why is pretty simple. It looks like a REAL gun! Based on the most popular paintball gun of all time (the Tippmann 98 custom) the internals on the Alpha Black are classic blowback goodness. These internals WORK, and with a little bit of extra work on your end (polishing the internals, and keeping high quality O-rings inside), you can make this marker perform very well (mine all run +/- 3fps between shots even when using Co2!). Compressed air or Co2 tanks can be used on this marker, but I always recommend a remote line for this style of marker, as it keeps the weight of the tank off the gun, and on your back! If you decide to go this route, makes sure your remote line has a slide check so you can air it off the gun, without airing off the tank, and you will need to get a tank/pod holder to strap to your body.

The receiver of this gun is aluminum, making it HIGHLY durable! It has a mock mag that houses tools for your marker, and can be removed by pushing in the push pin that holds it in place. And it has a shroud up front that the barrel installs inside of. It also has a cool adjustable stock in the back, so that you can push it in or out to fit your perfect shoulder rest for your weapon!

The Alpha Black Elite comes with a removable repositionable handle, and it has a picatinny rail at the bottom for lights or other accessories. It has a nice stock on the back that can move in and out based on preference. The airline (steel braided) runs under the handle, and steel tanks will fit under the stock.

Barrels are typically the first upgrades done to markers, and with the Elite you will need a longer than normal barrel as the shroud is pretty long. Make sure you measure your shroud when you get it in to make sure new barrels will fit. I have mine outfitted with an Apex barrel system, and the smaller 14 inch version doesn’t fit with the shroud, so I went with the 18 inch Apex 2 which fits fine inside the shroud.

Other upgrades include the ability to make it mag-fed with the Tippmann 98 Magfed adapter, or you can put a cyclone feed system on it. You can also upgrade to an e-trigger or response trigger. With the Elite model, you can remove the grip on the top and add sights or other cool looking accessories.

So, if you want a reliable marker that looks like a real gun, the Tippmann Alpha Black Elite may be for you! Just remember that it is a little heavier than other smaller markers as it has a large footprint like a real gun! But, if you don’t have sissy arms, it may be perfect for you! Just remember to always wear your mask when around paintball guns, and most of all, Tippmann products are made very well so you can spend your time PLAYING, instead of working on them!

  • Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit Includes:
  • 20 oz Co2 Tank
  • Warrior Harness - 4+1 - Black
  • 4 - Dye Alpha 150rnd Paintball Pods - Smoke
  • Standard 200 Round Loader
  • Empire X-Ray Single Lens Paintball Goggle - Black
  • Pull Through Squeegee
  • Paintball Wristband

  • - .68 caliber
  • - All aluminum cast body for extreme durability
  • - Proven Tippmann 98 Custom internals
  • - Heavy duty stainless steel braided airline
  • - Quick release hinged feed elbow
  • - 6 position collapsible stock
  • - Compatible with E-Grip, Response Trigger and Cyclone Feed Systems
  • - Removable mock magazine with interior tool storage
  • - Removable M4-style carry handle with rear sight
  • - Cast 7/8" picatinny body rail
  • - 11" 98 Custom threaded barrel
  • - M4 barrel shroud with raised front sight and bottom 7/8" tactical rail