Tippmann Trigger Kit - Response - X7 (T210006)

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Tippmann Response Trigger brings full auto performance under $100.00 for your X7!

X7 Response Trigger is a patented rapid air-assisted firing system that can shoot up to 15 BPS without batteries. An easy add on accessory that is a perfect match for the X7 Cyclone Feed System.

On-The-Fly rate of fire controls--simply change the pressure on the trigger for normal adjustments and adjust the gas-flow knob to set the upper limit.

Too complicated to install? No problem. With free-installation from Tippmann Pneumatics Factory you are in control. (You only pay shipping)

Note: For help with installation on your 98 Custom you can send the kit with your gun into the Tippmann Factory and they will install it for free. (Call the Tippmann Factory at 1-800-533-4831)