Tippmann Trigger Kit - Response - A5 (RT-03)

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Tippmann A5 with Response Trigger brings full auto performance to your gun for under $70.00!

The response trigger is a drop-in kit for the A-5. The response trigger kit increases your trigger speed by resetting the trigger and sear with excess gas during use.This kit uses a cylinder behind the trigger which is just a simple piston instead of acomplex computer board, so it is going to be easy to work on and more reliable.

On-The-Fly rate of fire controls--simply change the pressure on the trigger for normal adjustments and adjust the gas-flow knob to set the upper limit.

Too complicated to install? No problem. With free-installation from Tippmann Pneumatics Factory you are in control. (You only pay shipping)