Tippmann Gun Package Kit - Tactical Compact (TCR) - Epic

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The Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR) is Tippmann's Latest, Greatest Woodsball Marker

Tippmann's new magazine fed TCR, which stands for Tactical Compact Rifle, is a marker designed to make your MilSim as true to life as you can get without enlisting. It comes with two different magazines, the regular 7 paintball magazine, and an extended 12 ball bagazine. The TCR is built around Tippmann's trusted TiPX paintball pistols, so you know it's reliable. The TCR is also designed for flexibility, and is dual-feed compatible, meaning you can it use an HPA with a remote line or CO2 cartridges. And with the quick-release cannister system, which can eject cartridges from either the left or right of the marker, you can change out a cannister faster than ever before. And just because the TCR was designed for use with a magazine, including being First Strike paintball compatible, doesn't mean that's the way you have to play. The TCR is built to accept a hopper feed with the included clamping feed neck adapter. The marker also features flip-top sights and a foldable foregrip, and has Picatinny rails to allow for even greater customization with accessories and optics. The TCR has a foldable buttstock, which also has a clip to hold an additional magazine. The TCR is also compatible with an ultra-extended 20 paintball magazine. Perhaps best of all, it comes with Tippmann's 2-year warranty, making this a marker you can trust.

  • Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit Includes:
  • 20 oz Co2 Tank
  • Warrior Harness - 4+1 - Black
  • 4 - Dye Alpha 150rnd Paintball Pods - Smoke
  • Standard 200 Round Loader
  • Empire X-Ray Single Lens Paintball Goggle - Black
  • Pull Through Squeegee
  • Paintball Wristband

  • 11 Inch Barrel for a sleak profile and maximum maneuverability.
  • Magazine fed for controlled firing, including use of First Strike projectiles, with 2 magazines includes- standard 7-ball and extended 12-ball.
  • Dual feed capability, so the TCR is compatible with CO2 Cartridges or HPA with a remote line adapter that tucks away inside the marker when not in use.
  • Flip-top sights with additional Picatinny railing for other optics and accessories.
  • Folding foregrip built to hug your cheek comfortably when firing.
  • The collapsible buttstock has a clip to carry an additional magazine.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty from Tippmann, one of the most trusted brands in the sport, so you can feel secure in your purchase.