Tippmann Gun - FT-12

Available Summer 2022

The Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Gun is incredibly easy to clean and maintain!

The Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Gun is an excellent choice for the beginner to intermediate player. The FT-12 contiunues the Tippmann tradition of tough and durable paintball markers that are reliable and easy to maintain. Originally designed to be a field rental gun, the FT-12 is now available to everyone!

The Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Gun easily diasassembles faster than any other Tippmann marker. Instead of a clamshell, the FT-12's cast aluminum body flips up into two pieces. All the internal parts are now accessible for cleaning and oiling. Once maintenance is complete the FT-12 goes back together just as fast! The proven inline blowback system delivers consistent, rock solid semi auto performance shot after shot in all conditions. The internal design actually uses less parts than any other Tippmann ever made.

The Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Gun was built with the player in mind. A vertical foregrip and ergonomic shaped grip frame makes the FT-12 perfect for players of all sizes. There are no external moving parts or air hoses to snag. This marker is the perfect choice for a player who wants to do as little maintenance as possible!

Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Marker features:
  • - Semi automatic action
  • - .68 Caliber
  • - Ergonomically designed grip frame
  • - Easy and fast maintenance
  • - No tools flip-top disassembly
  • - Modular internals require fewer parts
  • - All aluminum die cast receiver
  • - Glare resistant matte finish
  • - Internal gasline that won’t rust or break
  • - Proven and reliable inline bolt system
  • - 8 ½” barrel
  • - Accepts 98 Custom threaded barrels
  • - Recessed safety mechanism
  • - Vertical foregrip for ease of handling
  • - Blade-style trigger
  • - Non-cycling top cocking bolt handle
  • - Built in front and rear sights
  • - Operates on CO2 or HPA (Compressed Air)