Tippmann 1 Piece Barrel - Flatline - X7

Was: $99.95
Now: $49.95
(You save $50.00 )
Available Mid November

The X7 Flatline Barrel is one of the most popular upgrades that owners purchase!

The new X7 Phenom Flatline Barrel is a top of the line barrel upgrade that can shoot up to 250 feet. Patented technology creates back spin on the paintball for long and accurate shots.

The Tippmann Flatline Barrel System is a powerful upgrade that increases both distance and gives your paintballs a flat trajectory instead of an arced one. The careful owner will find the X7 Flatline to be an important part of their game.

This new look X7 Flatline is seamlessly integrated into the Tippmann X7 Phenom and is a great add-on accessory. *Paintball gun not included.