Tippmann 1 Piece Barrel - Flatline - 98 Platinum Series

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Go long with the 98 Custom Flatline Barrel!

The Tippmann 98 Custom Flatline Barrel features quick thread design that easily attaches like any other barrel. The Flatline Barrel System is the first production back spin barrel ever produced. The principle behind the system is Tippmann's newly designed slightly curved barrel, which applies centrifugal force to the ball, creating backspin. Not only does this system offer increased accuracy and distance but also offers flat trajectory for thick brush and canopy play. By minimizing trajectory of the ball and increasing accuracy, you increase the amount of targets which would ordinarily be out of range. The Flatline Barrel System adds 100 feet of distance.

This will fit the 98 Platinum, 98 Custom Pro, and 98 Custom.

Tippmann 98 Custom Flatline Barrel includes:

  • Extra Picatinny rail for non Platinum Series 98 guns.
  • Barrel sock
  • Pull through squeegee