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Comfort and style in the woods with the Proto Axis Pro Olive Camo Paintball Goggle System!

Proto's Switch Axis is perhaps the most impressive mask in Proto's entire line.

The Axis comes standard with a clear, tirodial thermal lens that is designed to give you superior visual clarity while playing. The Axis' lens is held by locking tabs to the right or left that can be opened with one-quarter of a turn of the snap lock sytem. In just a few seconds you can change out the lens with Proto's patented quarter turn system.

The Axis features earpieces that are soft and compression-formed, resulting in a lighter, more comfortable set of goggles. The earpieces feature multiple ports, to ensure that you can communicate clearly with your team on the field, without sacrificing the protection you need.

The Axis' exterior is designed to be sleek and stylish, providing you with a clean style. The interior of the Axis is designed to allow the frame and lens to compress together to help absorb even the hardest hits.

You've played with subpar lenses for too long. Now it's time to make the switch!

Proto Axis Pro Paintball Goggle System - Olive Camo features:

  • Goggle Strap Made From Woven Silicone Rubber: This goggle strap was designed to be adjustable, to let it fit nearly any head snugly and remain firmly in place. Tiger-tooth strap buckles secure the straps in place, so you don't have to worry about your goggle going AWOL. Snap it into place and you know your Axis will be there when you need it.
  • Soft compression-formed ear pieces: Built to be comfortbale yet strong, the Axis ear pieces are compression formed. This innovation makes the mask 20% lighter, while helping your goggle maintain a lower profile. And they also allow sound in better, so you and your team can communicate more fluidly on the field.
  • Patented one quarter turn switch buckle:Changing lenses can be a hassle, but with the Proto Axis' patented 1/4 turn switch buckle, changing lenses in your Axis won't be. All it takes is a simple turn to unlock the tabs that hold your lens in place and you can remove the old, and replace it with a new one.
  • Switch Tirodial Lens: Proto Axis Switch lenses set the standard for visual performance with their perfect optical clarity. They're also designed to give you the maximum possible vertical and horizontal vision, without compromising the protection the lenses provide.
  • Multi-Directional Venting: Extra venting reduces additional fogging usually caused by re-ventilation. It also provides more smace around the mouth, which allows clearer speaking, and makes it easier to breathe inside a Switch.
  • Dual-Molded Goggle System: The dual-molding on the Proto Axis Switch provides a rigid mount for the frame/lens, while still providing a soft, comfortable mask for you. The Switch's dual-molding ensures that the mask will be flexible when and how you need it, making the Switch one of the safest yet most comfortable masks around.