HK Army Gun - Luxe X

$1,199.95 - $1,795.00
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

The Luxe X or the Luxe Ten is the latest release of DLX’s Luxe marker. A new standard has been set with the Luxe X in both performance and ease of use. One new feature found exclusively on the Luxe X marker is the Pro-Lock Frame system. The Pro-Lock Frame can be removed without the use of any tools. It also features a locking mechanism to prevent any accidental removals.

The gold standard in barrels is the Freak XL barrel kit and the Luxe X marker comes with a 14” Freak XL Barrel and one insert. The Freak XL barrel back is custom milled exclusively for the Luxe X gun, but it can accept any Freak XL barrel insert. For the most complete range of bore sizes, a Freak XL Boremaster kit can be purchased separately for the most consistent and accurate shot possible.

A feature that players have come to love on all Luxe markers is the trigger system. The Luxe trigger has been regarded as one of the smoothest triggers on the market. The Luxe X features the EZ-Axis Trigger System. The EZ-Axis trigger is simpler, more durable and more customizable than all previous model Luxe guns. Adjustments to the trigger can be done while the trigger is still in the frame which makes for fast on the go adjustments. One allen key is used to remove, adjust and install the trigger.

Luxe X paintball markers feature an Inteli-Connect Wireless System. This means that there are no wires or plugs throughout the marker to get in the way. The Inteli-Connect system uses contact pads to make connections, resulting in a much easier marker to work on.

  • X-Core Bolt System
  • Pro-Lock Frame System
  • Freak XL Barrel System
  • EZ-Axis Trigger System
  • Opti-Breach Chamber System
  • Max-Flow Inline Regulator
  • Roto-Mount Electronics
  • Flex-Pwr Battery System
  • Inteli-Connect Wireless System
  • Ice-Coated Friction System