Paintball Gloves

Paintball gloves are an important piece of gear to play paintball safely and comfortably. A good pair of paintball gloves help you maintain a sure grip on your marker, absorb the impact of incoming paintballs, and protect your palms and fingers from cuts and abrasions. Your hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body while playing so gloves will take the sting out of those close range hits. Paintball is often played on rough terrain and your hands will be full of cuts and abrasions from crawling and falling. Keep your hands safe from harm by wearing gloves.

The best paintball gloves have real or synthetic leather palms for durability, with padded sections to help cushion falls and slides.They often have plastic, rubber or foam padding strategically located on the back for impact armor. Whether you go with full, two, or half finger designs is personal preference. Full finger offers the most protection but less manual dexterity. Two finger gloves expose the two trigger fingers for fast shooting speed. Half finger paintball gloves cover less but allow maximum finger movement and control.
You are officially shopping the largest selection of paintball gloves in the world. Paintball is a game of tight spaces and a lot of times involves being on your hands and knees on hard potentially rough surfaces. Here is where a great set of paintball gloves will help you more than you would ever believe.