Paintball Gloves

Camouflage Gloves for Woodsball Players

Paintball gloves are an important piece of gear to play paintball safely and comfortably. A good pair of paintball gloves help you maintain a sure grip on your marker, absorb the impact of incoming paintballs, and protects your palms and fingers from cuts and abrasions. Your hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body while playing, so gloves will take the sting out of those close range hits. Paintball is often played on rough terrain and your hands will be full of cuts and abrasions from crawling and falling. Keep your hands safe from harm by wearing gloves.

Empire's BT THT Combat paintball gloves are super comfortable camo-style paintball gloves that feature gel padding for knuckles and palms working as excellent impact protection while playing hard. Open finger design retaining complete mobility so you can work the trigger and small buttons on sights or radios, etc.

Stay in camouflage to blend in with your environment and stay protected with paintball gloves!