Ninja Remote - Coiled Dual Tank Single Remote w/ Slide Check

Available Early December

Never run out of air with the Ninja Paintball Dual Tank Coiled Remote!

Do you like to shoot a lot? We're not talking about 6 or 8 pods... we mean carrying whole cases of paint out to defend a fort or maybe the Atlantic Wall at Oklahoma D-Day? If you need people to help carry your ammo onto the field then take a look at the Ninja Paintball Dual Tank Coiled Remote Line. This high quality remote is built to hook up two tanks to one marker. Twin aluminum tank adapters with on/off knobs feed the air to a slide check-equipped coiled air line with ASA adapter and quick disconnect fittings.

Ninja Paintball Dual Tank Coiled Remote Line

  • - Dual aluminum tank adapters with on/ offs
  • - Coiled air line
  • - Slide check valve lets you cut off pressure to the marker for fast release
  • - Quick disconnect fittings and ASA to hose adapter included

The usual procedure is to use the terminal end tank first, with the valve to the tank closest to marker turned off. Pressure will flow through the tank adapter to the marker. When that tank is running low, simply turn off the pressure to the terminal tank and turn on the pressure to the second.