LAPCO Cyclone Feed Paddles - DLX Soft

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Optimize your Tippmann with a LAPCO Cyclone Feed Soft Paddle Combo Set!

The LAPCO Cyclone Feed Soft Paddle Combo Set is made from a space-age, oil resistant, flexible polymer that can withstand freezing temperatures. LAPCO’s Posi-Feed™ technology eliminates lockup on the 3 ball side of the second layer, guiding your ammo into the Cyclone more efficiently. LAPCO’s Posi-Drive™ technology means both top and bottom paddles interlock and wont slip during use. LAPCO has produced the paddles in 3 different grades of firmness: soft, medium and hard – in order to combat different altitude, humidity and temperature levels which can have adverse effects on typical paddles currently found in the marketplace.

LAPCO Cyclone Feed Soft Paddle Combo Set features:
  • - Space-age, oil-resistant, flexible polymer
  • - Minimal paint breakage
  • - Rate of fire increasing Posi-Feed™ & Posi-Drive™ technologies.

  • - Easy open/ stay shut lid
  • - Holds fifty .68 paintballs
  • - Easy to carry