JT Splatmaster Goggles - Optix

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JT Splatmaster Optix goggles ensure eye safety!

Designed for kids ages 9 plus

The JT SplatMaster line was designed with safety in mind, and the Optix paintball goggle is built to provide industry-leading eye protection. When using SplatMaster paintballs, JT's Optix meet or exceed ASTM safety standards and regulations for protecting the eyes.

Optix are designed with a low profile, so it doesn't get in your way or give you away. Optix use an optically-correct lens coated in an anti-fogging polish to maintain a clear view of the field.

Optix were also designed to fit comfortably on children ages 9 and over, with an adjustable strap to allow you to customize the fit for even most adults, so you can enjoy a game with even your youngest (and oldest) SplatMasters.

Looking for even more protection? The Optix Goggle Upgrade turns the goggles into a full face mask. An upgraded Optix protects not just the player's eyes, but their ears and face as well. It's suggested anyone considering player vs. player play use either an Optix with the upgrade, or another full-face protecting paintball mask.

Above All, Be Careful! Players, parents and onlookers should wear specially-designed paintball goggles anytime they're within range of a paintball game. All goggles are not created equal, and shop goggles or even ski goggles aren't designed to withstand the kinds of pressures and impacts paintball eyewear is.

  • Stealthy, low-profile design to keep you from taking a shot from a piece of your mask sticking out from behind cover.
  • Single optically correct clear lens polished with an anti-fog solution to keep your line of sight clear.
  • Provides full eye protection from SplatMaster paintballs, and when upgraded protects your whole face.
  • Uses an adjustable strap to give a comfortable fit for players of any age 9 and over.