JT Mask Fan - Vortex II

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The JT Vortex 2 Paintball Goggle Fan fits all JT goggle systems!

Goggles fogging up while playing paintball can ruin an otherwise great day. A thermal dual pane lens helps prevent fogging but on especially hot and humid days not even these stop it. The only way to keep your vision clear is to replace that warm moist air with fresh... enter the JT Vortex 2 Paintball Goggle Fan!

The JT Vortex 2 Paintball Goggle Fan features a high speed motor which extracts hot humid air from the inside the goggle and exchanges it with cool fresh air in seconds! The Vortex features a 3-way switch to either blow air in or draw air out of your goggle - you no longer have to switch the battery direction to control the air flow. Built to be shock proof as well as water resistant, one AAA battery (included) delivers over 30 hours of operation. The Vortex Fan is easy to install and disassemble for cleaning and fits all JT Goggle systems.

  • - Fits all JT goggle systems
  • - Uses one AAA battery (included)
  • - Switch for intake or exhaust
  • - Clears your lens from fog in seconds