HK Army Jersey - Hostile OPS Recon - Stealth

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

The Recon Jersey is designed to keep you comfortable and dry during intense airsoft battles. Its ergonomic design allows for unconstrained movement and agility, making it suitable for competitive and recreational players seeking high-quality, functional gear with moisture-wicking properties.

Additionally, the Recon Jersey is designed to withstand all gameplay styles, with reinforced forearms that offer protection from rips and tears when you slide and dive. The jersey also features velcro wrist closures that customize the fit according to your needs.

  • Reinforced Forearms.
  • Stretch Mesh Side and Back Panels for maximized movement.
  • Low-profile competition fit.
  • Rubber velcro Wrist Closures.
  • Zipper neckline closure.
  • Concealed front dump pouch with zipper closure.
  • Detachable shoulder pockets and velcro patch panels.
  • Moisture Mitigating Fabric.

When washing your Recon Jersey, use cold water and hang it to dry.