GOG Gun Package Kit - eNMEy - Legendary

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This Kit Includes

GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

Empire Mask - Helix Single
Empire Compressed Air Tank - Aluminum Flat Bottom - 48/3000
Warrior Harness - 4+1 Horizontal
HK Army HSTL Pods - 150 Round
Core Basic 200 Round Loader
Core Pull Through Squeegee

The GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker is a high performance entry level paintball gun!


The GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker puts high performance operation into your hands at an entry level price! The GOG eNMey is a semi automatic paintball marker that uses a full pneumatic system similar to high end tournament markers. With only one moving part, the eNMey does away with the standard sear and heavy hammer to make the marker fire. Combined with its low 160 psi pressure, this makes the eNMey shoot with very low recoil and incredibly gentle on the paintball. The triggerpull on the eNMey is short and crisp, letting you achieve a rate of fire unheard of in previous non-electronic entry level paintguns. The Bolt Out Back system makes the GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker very fast and simple to clean and maintain, only requiring one part to be unscrewed to clean and grease the bolt.

The GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker will operate on regular CO2, thanks to its intergrated relief valve to prevent pressure spikes from liquid CO2 entering the regulator. The eNMey does shoot best on compressed air (HPA). The eNMey's composite feedneck is incredibly strong (you'll break your loader before you break it!) and features a clamping design to keep your hopper in place.

.68 caliber True Mechanical Pneumatic Design: No hammer, no sear, no metal-on-metal wear points. No Batteries Required. Grab and go! Regulated Low Pressure Operation: Stable 160 psi gas pressure for consistent operation with little to no recoil. CO2 Compatible: A relief valve protects the valve components from pressure spikes from with liquid CO2. Spool Valve Design: Tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy. Simple Maintenance: With the Bolt Out Back system the valve and bolt can be removed, cleaned, inspected and reassembled in seconds. Low-Force Anti-Chop: The low force behind the eNMEy’s bolt allows it to bounce back from mis-fed paint, reducing the chance of a chop in the breech. Composite/Aluminum Components: The machined aluminum receiver and protective polymer shell combine to make the eNMEy is both lightweight and durable. Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser: GOG wants you to be confident in your purchase. Some restrictions and exclusions apply. See warranty for details. Electropneumatic Upgrade Path: Not to be confused with “sear tripper” electronic grip frames for hammer-and-spring paintball markers, the optional eNMEy electronic trigger upgrade provides true electropneumatic operation for increased rates of fire, more firing modes and an even lighter trigger pull.