GOG 1 Piece Barrel - Tactical - 16 Inch - Dust Black

$29.95 - $34.95
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

The GOG Tactical 16 Inch Barrel has full milsim looks and features!

Need a barrel for your hot milsim paintball marker?
Want something that looks mean and intimidating?

The GOG Tactical 16" Barrel is built with the scenario player in mind. Formerly knows as the Smart Parts Tactical Barrel, the GOG 16" Tactical upgrades your marker's accuracy and appearance. The barrel is meticulously machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. The barrel's 16 inch length is a verstile size for a variety of missions; not too long to retain maneuverability but not so short as to lose accuracy. The exterior features barrel fluting for weight reduction and an eye-catching flash suppressor milled muzzle. Three rows of straight porting help to drastically reduce the sound signature when firing. That means your opponents will have a harder time hearing your shots and knowing which bush you're shooting from! The internal barrel surface is arbor honed and then finely polished for a smooth consistent bore diameter the entire length. A teflon coating reduces friction and makes cleaning the GOG Tactical Barrel swift so you can get back to the mission.

  • - Lightweight aluminum material
  • - Arbor honed and polished bore
  • - Teflon internal coat
  • - Three rows of straight porting
  • - Milsim exterior milling
  • - Flash hider
  • - Quiet sound signature