FanZ FlexR Universal Goggle Fan

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The FanZ FlexR Goggle Fan is a complete one-piece fan kit offering the best solution to fogging! Built with a stainless steel casing, the FlexR Universal Goggle Fan will resist impact and rough conditions far longer than plastic Radio Shack fans. A single AA battery powers the fan for over ten continuous hours. The twin fans can be controlled independently, with both fans drawing air, blowing or creating a cross current to keep your goggle lens and glasses fog free. The FlexR has custom mounting hooks that can be mounted inside or outside almost any mask (paintball, airsoft, ski...) in minutes!

FanZ FlexR Universal Goggle Fan features:
  • - One year warranty from the manufacturer
  • - Tough stainless steel body
  • - Twin fans with independent controls
  • - One AA DURACELL battery so you can use the kit on the spot
  • - Two sets of custom mounting hooks (1 short set,1 long set) for easy installation
  • - Package of cable ties and velcro for unusual/ custom applications