Empire Gun - TM-15 LE - ETACS

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The Empire BT TM-15 Limited Edition Paintball Gun comes ready for battle!

Do you want to go milsim and high performance? You want quickly adjustable, incredibly tough and super light? If you answered Yes, then the Empire BT TM-15 Limited Edition Paintball Marker needs to be in your hands! The Empire Battle Tested TM-15 takes scenario paintball markers to the next level, combining speed and durability in a versatile tactical body.

The Empire BT TM-15 Limited Edition Paintball Marker features a cast magnesium body for both amazing durability and lightweight, all-day carrying. Empire Battle Tested utilized the Invert Mini's tournament-proven electropneuamtic marker engine in the TM-15, making it one of the smoothest shooting, lowest recoil and sound signature markers on the woodsball field. All airlines are internal for a clean military look and less hassle. The three position selector switch lets you change modes on the fly, from Safe to Semi to Full Auto without taking your eyes off the sights.

The Empire BT TM-15 Limited Edition Paintball Gun comes loaded with tactical options. Multiple picatinny rails provide endless accessory opportunities. Scope, red dot sight, bipod, tac flashlight, laser... it'll take a kitchen sink if its got a rail mount! The collapsible composite shoulder stock adjusts in seconds for a perfect fit and a tactical foregrip lets you keep a death grip on the TM-15 during the heat of battle.

The Limited Edition TM-15 features a shorter carbine body and the legendary Battle Tested Apex2 Barrel for an intense sound suppressor look. The adjustable Apex2 Barrel puts backspin on the paintball, allowing for longer range and crazy curveball trick shots. The tactical accessories are issued in all black for a modern SWAT Team look!

  • - Carbine length cast magnesium body
  • - .68 caliber Apex2 Barrel System for longer range, flatter shooting and hookshots
  • - Invert Mini Electro Pneumatic Technology
  • - Anti Chop Breakbeam Eyes
  • - Three position Selector Switch
  • - Internal airlines
  • - Quick clean breech
  • - Rip Clip compatible
  • - Adjustable collapsible stock
  • - Flip Up high rise front and rear sights
  • - Uses one 9v battery
  • - Tactical foregrip
  • - Multiple picatinny tactical rails
  • - Autococker barrel threads