Empire Barrel Kit - Super Freak - Tippmann A5

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Get yo' Freak on with the Empire Super Freak A5 Thread Barrel Kit!

Empire does it again. They took the best selling barrel kit of all time and Freak-a-cized it! The Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit is the most complete barrel kit ever designed to meet every player's needs.

Even though standard paintballs are labelled ".68 caliber" they actually vary by thousandths of an inch in diameter. This can be due to manufacturing conditions or heat and humidity that can cause paintballs to expand or contract. This may seem insignificant but these small variations have a huge impact on accuracy, ball breakage and air efficiency. The Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit lets you match the paint you are shooting that day to the proper Super Freak insert. A proper paint to barrel match results in peak accuracy, minimal barrel breaks and utmost air efficiency from your paintball marker! The Super Freak is also compatible with all Smart Parts/ GOG Freak Barrel components.

The Empire Super Freak A5 Barrel Kit includes three barrel tips. A standard ported 14" aluminum provides rock-solid accuracy and strength. A 14" carbon fiber tip lets you shave off weight from the front of your marker and shoot quiet. For those extreme long range shots you get a legendary 17" Apex2 Barrel Tip. The Apex2 features an adjustable rubber ramp to put backspin on the ball, giving it lift to shoot farther and flatter than virtually all other barrels, as well as rotate for trick hook shots! A tough carrying case rolls up tight to protect your investment.

  • - .675,.680,.685,.690, and .695 bore inserts
  • - Super light 14 inch carbon fiber tip
  • - 14 inch aluminum tip
  • - 17 inch Apex2 barrel tip for adjustable range increase
  • - Aluminum barrel back compatible with Smart Parts/ GOG Freak accessories
  • - Freakadelic protective travel case