Dye Pod - Lock Lid - 160 Rounds

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Dye Lock Lid Paintball Pods are the most secure in the industry!

We've all been there...
You reach around for a new pod, pull it from your harness and... "bloop"... your paint is everywhere but in your hopper.

The DYE Lock Lid Pod is the answer to lost paint. Now you can play in confidence knowing that the Lock Lid Pod is doing its job. The lid features a secure latch on the lid designed to easily open with a slide of your thumb, but guaranteed to stay closed during rugged play. Molded bumps help you keep a grip on the pod and its 160 ball count puts those few extra balls in your loader when it counts.

Dye Lock Lid Pod features:
  • - 160 count capacity
  • - Secure locking lid with thumb latch
  • - Incredibly durable