Dye Loader - LTR

$109.95 - $129.95
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
If you are always looking for the best in paintball then stop what you are doing and pick up the Dye LTR electronic paintball hopper. This new loader will work perfect for all electronic paintball guns and is quick enough to get your paintball gun shooting faster than ever before. Packed with updated technology, the Dye LTR is a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Super easy tool-less disassembly makes this a great loader for any entry level player all the way up through the pros. If no maintenance is your thing, then the Dye LTR is for you.

The Dye LTR weighs in at just over 1.00lbs and is a very light and durable paintball loader. This low profile loader is 5.5 inches tall with a total width of 4.25 inches which makes this a low profile and compact hopper. Efficiently operating on 3 AA batteries, the LTR with get through roughly 40 cases of paint on just one set of batteries.

The original Dye Rotor introduced unparalleled feed rates to the paintball world and the Dye LTR is no exception. The LTR uses the patented Rotor Force Fed technology which help the loader feed up to 30 balls per second with ease. Toolless disassembly makes the LTR extremely easy to take apart for cleaning or maintenance.

If the LTR ever does jam with an oblong or misshapen paintball, the shark fin anti-jam trigger on the bottom of the loader makes fixing the problem a cinch.

If you are playing in a low light situation, the Dye LTR Blackops feature allows you to turn off the glowing on/off power button. This makes the loader virtually stealth. Also, if tinkering is your thing then the adjustable torque feature allows you to dial in your loader. With just an allen key, you can control the torque of the loader. This is great if you are using a brittle paint that you dont want to cause issues in the loader.

Overall, the Dye LTR is a great hopper and is very similar to the Rotor. The only real differences are the clear side windows on the back of the hopper and the Colored Jewel. The LTR is compatible with all standard Dye Rotor Speed Feeds and Rotor upgrades.