Dye Jersey - Pullover 2.0 - Black

$59.95 - $75.77
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Dye Tactical 2.0 Pullover Paintball Jersey take a ton of abuse!

Ready for battle, the Dye Tactical 2.0 Pullover Paintball Jersey delivers rugged performance and high speed/ low drag looks! Based on designs used by real world military and police units, the Dye Pullover has a roomy fit for mobility and comfort. There are no chest or waist pockets, no lower body zippers or buttons and minimal seams that bunch up or chafe under your harness or while bellycrawling up to that enemy position unseen. Durable cotton polyblend material and heavy duty stitching makes the Dye Pullover Jersey last season after season. The upper zip neck features a high padded collar to prevent the vest from rubbing on your neck, absorb the impact of incoming paint and keep the elements out.

The Dye Tactical 2.0 Pullover features reinforced elbows that are extra wide for elbow pads as you go to ground and crawl through the dirt. Shoulder pockets with velcro for your flag/ team/ morale patches and velcro adjustable wrist cuffs add to the list of features that makes the Dye Pullover the perfect choice for woodsball!

Dye Tactical 2.0 Pullover Paintball Jersey features:

  • - Crazy Tough Material
    The durable cotton polyblend material and heavy stitching means the Pullover won't shred off your body as you grind through the briars and rocks.
  • - Old School Fit
    The Pullover fits a wide range of body types without being excessively baggy. There is plenty of room for those players that prefer a more traditional paintball fit.
  • - DyeTack™
    Injection molded rubber zones provide grip for your marker's shoulder stock or air tank for a slip-free shooting posture.
  • - High padded zip collar
    The MOD Top's collar zips high to prevent chafing from your harness or vest. It helps lessen the felt impact of neck hits, keeps debris from working down your shirt, and has a covered zipper for comfort.
  • - Adjustable Wrist Cuffs
    Velcro cuffs cinch down for that perfect sleeve fit. The sleeves are extra wide to accommodate forearm elbow pads underneath.
  • - Shoulder pockets With Velcro
    Securable pockets sited at 45 degrees for easy access to your scenario/ tournament ID card and personal effects. A large velcro section allows the wear of flag. team and morale patches of your choice.

Dye Tactical 2.0 Pullover Paintball Jersey Sizing chart:
  • Small/ Medium: 43-46" Chest 33" Sleeve
  • Large/ X-Large: 50-54" Chest 36" Sleeve
  • 2X/ 3X-Large: 58-61" Chest 39" Sleeve