Dye Barrel Back - Ultralite - Dust Black

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The Dye Ultralite Paintball Barrel Back is your start to extreme accuracy!

The DYE Ultralite™ Boomstick barrel is a popular favorite of today’s top professionals. The Ultralite Boomstick is well known for its micro honed finish providing incredible accuracy. Additionally, the Ultralite Boomstick gets its name from 60-61 aluminum light weight construction and two piece interchangeable design. Dye’s trademark muzzle break design is quiet, aesthetically appealing and world famous in the barrel market. Many may look similar but they are not the original Dye Boomstick. Precision quality shot after shot that you can expect form Dye as the leader in barrel manufacturing.

Two piece alignment is a critical factor in a barrel’s true accuracy. The Dye Ultralite Paintball Barrel's self-centering compound angled surfaces ensure proper back-to-tip mating by eliminating tolerance variations, and thread wear from the equation. With a Dye Ultralite Paintball Barrel Back you will have confidence knowing that every component in your barrel will be as straight and true as a one-piece design.

  • - Dye's trademark precise machining and finish
  • - 2 piece design
  • - Barrel front sold seperately