DeadlyWind - Hair 45 Trigger Valve For Emek & MG100

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Want you get your Planet Eclipse Emek 100, MG100, EMF100 or Mechanical 170r Shooting faster than ever before? Drop in the Deadlywind Hair 45 Trigger Valve upgrade kit. This easy to insall upgrade changes the entire functionality of your gun and more than doubles the rate of fire.  You will not be disappointed with this must have upgrade. 

Extreme trigger valve upgrade for Planet Eclipse mechanical guns.
Currently for the m170R and the EMEK/MG100.

The hAir 45 valve from Deadlywind is 4 TIMES shorter pull and 5 TIMES lighter than the stock trigger valve (even with all the springs removed!!). This drop-in trigger valve replacement unlocks the full potential of the Planet Eclipse mechanical guns, allowing you to perform at your best.

The hAir 45 keeps safety functionality and is tournament legal in that it has zero increased force on the trigger after firing.