Core Vest Package Kit - GI Tactical 1

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Become battle ready with Core's GI Tactical Vest, Pods, and Remote Air-Line Package!

The CORE GI Vest is a comfortable tactical style paintball vest specially designed out of tough nylon. Side straps that can easily be tightened or loosened ensuring a superior fit for ultimate comfort. The strong nylon design will hold up against every branch, thorn, or rock you can throw while still keeping you protected. The GI vest comes with compartments in the front that stores two extra pods and a paintball tank for quicker and easier access.

Use the PTC (Push to Connect) coiled remote system to connect to your air system. An innovative connection to your air-tank that works as a quick disconnect and a slide check all in one. With the simple push of a button you can now connect and disconnect from your marker faster and smoother.

CORE Package features:
  • - CORE GI Vest, black or olive
  • - CORE Push To Connect coiled remote air system
  • - 6 140 round pods

  • CORE GI Vest features:
  • - Strong nylon stitching
  • - Front compartments with velcro straps
  • - Side straps for ultimate comfort

  • CORE Push To Connect coiled remote features:
  • - All black tactical look
  • - 3000 psi working pressure coiled hose
  • - Will work with any paintball Air system or CO2 bottle