Core Padded Chest Protector, Gloves & Neck Protector Kit

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Stay safe and protected with CORE gear!

CORE Paintball Neck Protector minimizes those unpleasant paintball shots to the neck. These paintball neck protectors cover the vital parts of the neck yet still remain comfortable. A velcro enclosure makes putting on the CORE Paintball Neck Protector quick and easy. Hard Top Half Finger Paintball Gloves protect from paintball hits on the hands yet allow full finger movement. These super tough gloves have flexible armored plates that move freely yet absorb all the impact of hits. The leather palms are padded to protect your palms from dives, thorns and nasty abrasions. The CORE Hard Top Half Finger Paintball Gloves let you play harder and more physical. CORE Reversible Camo Chest Protector is made of 1/4" dense cell foam hinged to mold and conform to the body's shape. Tough denier construction and wide velcro elastic straps provide a wide range of adjustments and toughness. Take the sting out of getting hit and start playing more confidently!

CORE Paintball Neck Protector features:

  • - Ventilated neoprene material
  • - Velcro enclosure
  • - One size fits most

  • CORE Hard Top Half Finger Paintball Gloves features:
  • - Flexible impact absorbing armor plates
  • - Unrestricted finger movement and sensitivity
  • - Padded leather palms
  • - Velcro tab wrist enclosure

  • CORE Reversible Camo Paintball Chest Protector features:
  • - 1/4" dense foam hinged armor plates
  • - Tough denier nylon outer shell reversible camo or black
  • - Elastic shoulders and adjustable velcro sides