Core 4+1 Harness Package Kit

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Keep your pods and tank in one spot with the CORE 4 Plus 1 Package!

Are you tired of constantly having to pull your pack up because it can't keep up with your intense style of play? Is it hindering you from running your top speed and playing up to your full potential? Well, with our 3 point adjustable suspender system, your worries are gone. Secure your paint and tank onto your harness with the CORE 4+1 Harness package. This harness comfortably holds 4 pods of paint and your tank. With adjustable waist straps for a comfortable fit.

The Core 4+1 harness package features:

  • - 4 140 round pods
  • - Holds 4 pods and 1 tank
  • - Velcro straps to secure pods
  • - Dual Velcro straps to secure most tank sizes
  • - Adjustable waistband for custom fit
  • - Durable Nylon construction