NXe Elbow and Knee Pads Now Here!

Jan 06, 2020

NXe Elbow and Knee Pads Now Here!

NXe is probably my favorite company to enter the paintball marketplace in the last few years. They hit the ground running with high quality soft goods, ranging from very affordable entry level to high end harnesses and gear bags from the Marker/ Barrel Bag all the way up to the Executive Roller that’ll fit all your gear plus clothes for a whole weekend. As I mentioned in another post, I personally use the Elevation Series Harness and can’t imagine using anyone else’s. I met them at World Cup last fall and must say they are a great bunch of people and definitely stand behind their products.

Rolling into the warehouse today was their new Knee Shield and Arm Shield Pad which definitely impress. TheKnee Shields are slip-on style, lightweight neoprene with velcro straps at top and bottom, guided by loops so they don’t slip off and dig into your skin. The backs are open so the back of your knee can breathe and prevent binding… I’ve used slip-ons before that would bind up so bad my leg would get numb and tingly if I stayed on my knees too long! Combine all that with cushy foam and these knee pads at $39.99 are worth considering.

The Arm Shield is Lycra on the underside, neoprene on the back with hinged foam running from wrist to above the elbow. You slip them on, through a Lycra cuff with thumbhole and fasten with a velcro strap around the bicep. With your thumb through the cuff the pad doesn’t slide up when hitting the ground and the bicep strap keeps them from falling down. Put them on and they stay on. A section of tough ballistic nylon lies on the underside of the wrist to protect the joints and not tear out when doing the Superman slide into the snake. Soft enough to encourage paint to bounce but firm enough for protection, you get as much and more at $34.99 than most $50 pads.

Word is that NXe will be releasing a line of jerseys and paintball pants soon. If these are like all of their other product then they will be bomb-proof AND stylin’ to boot! Of course, we will be among the first to get them so keep checking back…