GOG eNVy Electropneumatic Paintball Marker

Jan 06, 2020

The GOG eNVY Electropneumatic Paintball Marker is high tech reliable performance for less money!

The GOG eNVY Electropneumatic Paintball Marker was designed to put high performance into a compact and easy to maintain paintball gun. Formerly known as the Smart Parts Vibe Paintball Marker, the GOG eNVy features low pressure operation that is gentle on the paintball as it is loaded into the breech and fired at 11+ balls per second. The result is a paintball marker that virtually eliminates paintball barrel breaks and chops better than any other in its price class, even without electronic eyes!

The GOG eNVY Electropneumatic Paintball Marker is incredibly simple to clean and maintain. The eNVy uses the proven Bolt Out Back (BOB) design. One Allen wrench unscrews the bolt sleeve from the back of the marker. Simply wipe down the bolt, re-grease and slide back in! The GOG eNVy's Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator makes adjusting your marker's pressure simple and consistent. The eNVy will operate on both HPA (Compressed Air) or a CO2 tank with anti-siphon. For best performance we do recommend using an HPA tank to max out your marker's performance.

The GOG eNVY Electropneumatic Paintball Marker utilizes an unbelievably tough composite body, frame and feedneck for the ultimate in lightweight durability.

GOG eNVY Electropneumatic Paintball Marker features:
  • - 11 bps (upgradable to 25+ with QEV and board )
  • - Hammer free electropneumatic design
  • - Semi auto, full auto and 3 shot burst modes
  • - Sinle 9 volt battery
  • - Uses Compressed Air (recommended) or Anti-Siphoned CO2
  • - Light microswitch trigger for high rate of fire
  • - 2 point adjustable trigger
  • - Quick and easy maintenance with Bolt Out Back (BOB) design
  • - Low bolt pressure anti-chop technology
  • - Seal Forward Technology
  • - Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator for easy and consistent velocity regulation
  • - Vertical feed breech
  • – Clamping feedneck
  • - Standard Smart Parts (Ion) barrel thread