Dye C6 Paintball Gloves

Jan 06, 2020

The C6 Glove features Sensi-touch, another ingenious creation from the laboratories at Dye. Sensi-touch stimulates the trigger finger tips for improved sensitivity. The end result is improved response and a more comfortable feel on the trigger itself. The C6 Glove gives you perfect anatomically correct finger position and cut, internally padded Kevlar® palm, vented 4-way stretch gussets and micro-injection knuckle guards.


  • Microinjection DYE logo with direct venting
  • Multi-layer venting
  • Compression formed neoprene body for superior protection
  • Microinjection knuckle guards
  • Seamed cut points prevent fraying
  • Anatomically correct finger position and cut pattern for superior comfort and longevity
  • Internal Sensi-touch fingers dramatically increase trigger sensitivity, resulting in a more responsive trigger finger
  • Internally padded KEVLAR® palm for ultimate protection
  • Vented, 4-way stretch gussets for circulation and comfort
  • Microfiber palm provides superior durability
  • Perforated leather pressure point protection
  • Durable hook and loop closure system
  • Silicone trigger strips provide extra grip
  • Reinforced leather finger tips