Dangerous Power G4 Paintball Guns

Jan 06, 2020

The Dangerous Power G4 is ready to punish your opponents!

The Dangerous Power G4 paintball gun has now arrived and invokes the triumphs and prosperity of Dangerous Powers advanced engineering through its innovations and master craftsmanship. The G-Series is reborn and leaves the competition in its wake.

  • - Weighs in at 1.79lbs including barrel, RAPS ASA, low-profile clamping feedneck, & battery.
  • - The G4 has adapted the Spec-Rs accuracy and efficiency by utilizing the O-ring-less bolt system. The O-ring-less bolt not only improves the G4s performance, but also decreases O-ring wear and tear resulting in less maintenance!
  • - Demands precision and comfort by adopting the Rev-Is four-way trigger adjustment including the breakaway magnetic trigger.
  • - Includes a new, fully engineered, spring-assisted regulator increasing its accuracy and durability.
  • - Dangerous Power Engineering has enforced qualities in the G4 to adapt to change and overcome any scenario by implementing a fully programmable micro-switch board for every players preference.