Custom Products CP Air 4500 psi HPA Tanks

Jan 06, 2020

The CP Air combines everything you’ve been looking for in an air system and puts it together in one ultra light package. Super High Flow Rate, Fast Recharge rate, Superior reliability and on top of everything it’s rebuildable. All of this in a design that is nearly ½lb lighter than the competition. What more could you look for in an air system? The CP Air Combines it all and then backs it with the commitment to be at every PSP and NPPL to offer full factory support when you need it most. We took the same reliable technology that you have come to know and trust from the CP In-Line Regulator and created the ultimate bottle regulator.
  • 68ci 4500psi - 2.63lbs
  • 48ci 4500psi - 1.99lbs
  • Reg Only - .29lbs

    48/4500ci 10" overall / 68/4500 ci 11" overall

    LOW PRESSURE= BLACK LOCK RING / Output: 450psi