Custom 98 E-Bolt Full Auto Conversion Kit

Jan 06, 2020

The Tippmann E-bolt kit will take all of themechanical internal parts out and tossed them aside. In turn Ballistic Sportsredesigned the firing mechanism into an electro-pneumatic design. All controlledby an electronic microprocessor board located between the grip frame. Operatingat a maximum pressure of 100 psi (standard psi is around 85-90 psi) to run theair ram, and bolt. It uses a low pressure regulator and dwell setting to achievethe correct paintball velocity. With 7 true modes of fire your upgraded M98 willhold pace with even the most expensive "tournament" grade markers madetoday. The fire modes are Turbo, full auto, 3 shot burst, 5 shot burst,reactive, and a programmable burst mode where you can set the amount of shotsfired per trigger pull up to a maximum of 14 shots. There is a tournament lockout switch on the board also. When this switch is turned on your gun willdefault to semi-automatic at 1-30 balls per second depending on the rate of fireused before switching to tournament mode. You will have a rate of fire from 1 to14 balls per second to choose from in anything but semi-auto tournament lockmode which will use the current setting unless the gun is set at 14bps. In thatcase the board will open up to 30bps(in tourney lock mode). This will make itpossible to set your gun to any preferred rate of fire, and still be tournamentlegal. Ballistic Sports has designed all of the programming to be purelydigital, not digital\analog like most other electronic guns. With a littlepractice you will be able to change fire modes in seconds on the field.

Note: This is a kit and does not include the Tippmann 98 marker.

Available fire modes are:

  • Semi-auto
  • Reactive
  • Turbo
  • Full-auto
  • 3 shot burst
  • 5 shot burst
  • user programmable burst mode-up to 14 shots per second