Crossfire Tactical Gloves - Olive Drab

Jan 06, 2020

Crossfire Tactical Gloves are built to last and protect!

Gloves are not a fashion accessory in paintball and airsoft; they are there to protect your hands as well as provide a sure grip in wet conditions. The Crossfire Tactical Olive Gloves perform no matter what they encounter on the field. The soft, pliable synthetic leather palm features 5 points of padding to prevents cuts and abrasion, ergonomically located to still allow a tight grip. Four-way spandex nylon back allows the gloves to breathe and dry quickly and the elastic wrist adjusts for a snug fit.

You'll be hard pressed to find a more versatile paintball and airsoft glove!

Crossfire Tactical Gloves features:

  • - Amara synthetic leather palm and fingers
  • - 5 points of padding in palms
  • - Four way spandex nylon back for let your hands breathe
  • - Over wrapped fingertips
  • - Velcro adjustable elastic wrist
  • - Provide protection from cuts and abrasions
  • - Allows a sure grip on wet surfaces